Why LED Grow Lights are Better for Your Indoor Set Up

By Hippie Grow Shop

April 18, 2019

LED lighting systems have come a long way since they first became commercially available over a decade ago. In fact, LED lighting systems are now one of the most popular options among indoor growers. If you want to lower your energy costs, maximize your crop production, and have an adaptable grow set-up, LED grow lights are the best choice.

Less Energy Consumption

LED lighting systems can cost a bit more than traditional HID (high-intensity discharge) light systems, which can be off-putting to new growers. However, the long-term financial benefits of LED lighting systems far outweigh the initial costs.

LED grow light set-ups require less energy to operate — up to 80% less than traditional HID lighting systems. Lower energy costs mean more profit in your pocket come harvest time. For the personal use grower, it means that the average cost per plant goes down significantly, too.


LEDs Produce Less Heat

Unless you are using specific infrared LED lights, LED lights don’t produce infrared radiation, so they emit less heat than other lighting systems. Without having to factor in heat (and cooling systems), LED lighting systems allow grow rooms to be made just about anywhere indoors, which means more privacy and security.

Less heat means you can cool your grow room more easily and have more control over the room’s temperature. When temperatures are lower, water does not evaporate as quickly as it would in a hotter room.  Your plants’ soil will remain properly hydrated resulting in better nutrient absorption and lower water requirements.


Low Maintenance

LED grow lights last a good long while — up to 100,000 hours per light — so you don’t need to change them as frequently as other types of bulbs. They are also fairly intuitive to use, just plug in and turn on. Compare that to traditional HID lighting setups that require quite a bit of preparation and set up before you can use them.


Optimized Light Usage

Plants need light to grow, but not just any old light source will do. The quality of light matters a great deal in order to get bigger and better crop yields. LED grow lights produce light differently and within the spectrum that plants like best. Compared to HID lighting systems, which can only produce light in one color, LED lights have an adjustable light spectrum for each phase of your plants’ growth.

LED lights waste very little light because they emit light directionally. With no wasted light from the bulbs themselves, there is no need for additional reflectors to focus the light. This results in optimized light usage and maximum efficiency to help boost your plants’ productivity.


Bigger Yields

LED lights allow for an almost perfect world scenario for growing plants, even in the confines of an indoor grow room. When you factor in just some of the advantages of LED grow lights — less heat, adjustable light spectrum, directional light — it should come as no surprise that bigger yields are the results.

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