Which Grow Lights Are Best for Growing Herbs?

By Hippie Grow Shop

October 19, 2019

Growing Herbs indoors allows you to control all aspects of the grow environment with the right setup. You have complete control over the grow tent, air, soil, water, and light conditions to grow plants to maturity. The more you care for your plants, the better the results you will experience. To achieve the highest yields, one key factor you should never overlook is the lighting.

Lighting is vital because it essentially determines the grow cycle of your Herbs plants, the size of their buds, and their overall health. Light energy is necessary to create photosynthesis and provide another source of “food” for your plants. Selecting the best lights requires understanding your options and the different types of lights.

There are four common types of grow lights you can choose from including:

  • HPS (High Pressure Sodium)
  • Metal Halide
  • LED
  • Fluorescent

Each of these lights has their own pros and cons. To help narrow down which lighting is the best, let’s look at which ones can help you obtain the highest yields.

HPS grow lights are ideal to use during the flowering stage of plants. They are one type of HID (High Intensity Discharge) light you can use. However, they do give off excess heat, so you will need sufficient airflow and ventilation from frying your plants. HPS bulbs operate in the yellow/full spectrum light range needed to promote healthy bud developing.

Metal halide lights are perfect to use during the vegetative stage of growth. They are the second type of HID (High Intensity Discharge) light that delivers the sufficient light needed to bring plants to maturity so they start budding. Metal halide bulbs also give off excessive heat, so just like HPS lights, you need proper airflow and ventilation.

LED lights are very easy to use. They use a fraction of the electricity to other light options. LEDs are well-suited for new growers because they are essentially “plug-and-play.” LEDs also offer a variety of different light choices so you can make sure your plants get the right spectrum of light at the right times during the growth cycle.

Fluorescent lights are best suited for the initial growth stage of young plants, seeding, and for cloning. Fluorescent grow lights do not give off much heat, so they will not burn your new plants. They also produce light in the purple-white spectrum needed when starting new plants and seedlings.

As you can see, each type of grow light offers benefits at various stages of the growth cycle. LEDs are the most flexible because there are lights with multiple colors and spectrum ranges. So if you are just getting into growing, LEDs are a good choice.

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