What Are Rosin Presses?

By Hippie Grow Shop

September 5, 2020

Rosin presses are a special type of equipment needed to extra Herbs concentrate from your plants. A rosin press consists of two main components: heat and pressure. At the heart of the press is a simple, yet effective piece of equipment that is capable of producing heat and pressure needed to extra the Herbs concentrate.

How Do Rosin Presses Work?

To make Herbs concentrate you need heat, pressure, and time. The great thing about rosin presses is they are designed to balance these three needed things to create a superior concentrate for you to enjoy later.

Controlling the heat is essential to maintain the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plants. Too high of a heat, and both of these will degrade and leave a far inferior concentrate. This is why it is better to use a low and slow process to extract concentrates.

To achieve lower heat, you need to increase the pressure in the rosin press. As pressure increases, the temperature drops. At minimal health, you end up with a better-quality Herbs concentrate.

Types of Rosin Presses

There are two general types of rosin presses: Manual Rosin Presses and Hydraulic Rosin Presses. Manual presses are simple to use and are great for beginners. There is not much you have to do other than extract the concentrate. You put the plants in the press and use a foot pedal or control lever to apply pressure to counter-act the heat.

The only drawback is manual presses do not always provide sufficient pressure to achieve the lowest heat possible and optimal concentrate. Hydraulic presses, on the other hand, are a step up.

You still operate them similar to manual presses but have the advantage of creating higher pressures using hydraulics. The increase in pressure helps you achieve that “sweet spot” between the amount of heat and pressure you need to create exceptional concentrates of the best qualities.

Which Type of Rosin Press is Best for Recreational Use?

Both manual and hydraulic presses are perfectly suited for recreational use. As mentioned, manual presses are often a good choice for beginners just learning how to extract concentrates from their plants. Once your skills grow, then you should upgrade to a hydraulic press to further hone your skills and the quality of your concentrates.

What If I Have a Commercial Grow License?

For commercial production, you will want to upgrade to the ultimate rosin press: The Pneumatic Rosin Press. This type of press automates the extraction process while balancing the pressure and heat levels. A pneumatic press also allows you to process larger batches of Herbs more efficiently than doing it by hand manually.

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