Trimming Your Cannabis Flowers: Wet Trimming vs Dry Trimming

By Hippie Grow Shop

August 22, 2021

Growing your cannabis flower requires a set of caring practices. One of the practices is trimming. We have wet trimming on one hand and dry trimming on the other. These set of practices come with different advantages and disadvantages, 

This post takes you through what you need to know about these techniques. We review them with the hope of helping you make informed decisions. 

Before we dig deeper, let’s review some benefits of trimming your cannabis flowers

Enhances the Aroma 

Trimming flowers to remove excess sugar leaves enhances their aroma. This is by making the terpenes manifest themselves better. You need to also be careful on when to trim them so as not to remove excess trichomes that give the aroma. 

Enhances its Smoothness

By trimming excess sugar leaves, it enhances the smoothness of your Cannabis Flower. This is because these leaves have less THC, and smoking is are significantly harsh. 

Enhances the Cannabinoid Content

Since sugar leaves have relatively less THC, removing those leaves leads to greater THC levels per unit. 

Now that you understand the benefits of trimming your cannabis let’s explore the available trimming options. We highlight their advantages and disadvantages along the way. 

What is Wet Trimming? 

We call it wet trimming when you cut off the sugar leaves right after harvesting the flowers. Since they are still wet, the buds will get stickier. You will realize that trimming your cannabis flowers right after harvesting them is more manageable than when they dry up. Also, cutting while wet will have them dry faster. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Trimming 

Advantages of Wet Trimming

  • The process is easier and faster 
  • Where their high humidity wet trimming helps prevent moulds 
  • Fastens the drying time 
  • After trimming, flowers occupy less space, and you can fit more in the racks. 

Disadvantages of Wet Trimming

  • They are stickier when trimmed while wet
  • It may impact the flavour of flowers if they dry up faster 
  • Buds end up being less compact and dense 

What is Dry Trimming?  

As the name implies, we call it dry trimming when you trim your flowers while drying up. At this stage, trimming is a little more complicated and takes more time. Since the buds have less water, they are far less sticky than when trimmed immediately after harvesting. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Trimming 

Advantages Dry Trimming 

  • It’s a better option in areas with low humidity
  • Flowers dry up at their most convenient rate, which gives a better flavour. 
  • Dry trimming makes flowers more appealing 

Disadvantages Dry Trimming 

  • Stores more moisture and mould may develop 
  • After drying up, flowers become smaller and more challenging to trim 
  • Flowers can quickly lose their original colour 


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