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Hippie Grow Shop Warranty Policy

Hippie Grow Shop encourages you to read and review our Warranty Policy before submitting a warranty claim. The type of warranty coverage on your product will vary depending on certain factors as follows:

Hippie Grow Shop Hassle Free Warranty Program

We offer a premium warranty on select products and vaporizes. Those items covered by this warranty will be detailed on the product details page for those item. For items covered under our Hassle Free Program, we will process any warranty claims for the entire term of the original manufacturer warranty period. For the majority of claims under this program, the items are typically replaced with a brand new product with certain conditions.

To file a warranty claim for our Hassle Free Program products, contact us directly.

Manufacturer Warranty Programs

To qualify for manufacturer warranty programs, Hippie Grow Shop urges you to keep a copy of your proof of purchase and invoice you received from us. You will need both of these to provide proof to the manufacturer to file a warranty claim.

Please read the enclosed warranty information which was included with your product. It will contain specific details on what is and is not covered and how to file a claim with the manufacturer. With vaporizers, please remember batteries are not normally covered under the warranty unless they are found to be defective within 90-days of receipt of the vaporizer.

If you have misplaced your manufacturer warranty contact information and details, please contact us for assistance.

Hippie Grow Shop Store Warranty

Hippie Grow Shop does offer an initial store warrant for either 14-days or 30-days depending on the product(s) purchased. Our store warranty program is available on select products not covered under our Hassle Free Warranty Program.

During the Store Warranty period, items determined to be defective will be replaced. Once you contact us to file a claim, it can take up to 15 business days to fully process your claim and ship your replacement.

To initiate a claim under our Store Warranty, contact us directly. We will issue you a Warranty Claim Number. This number must be written on the outside of your package under the warranty claim address we will provide you. You are responsible for the shipping costs to return the item.

Store Warranty Exceptions

Hippie Grow Show reserves the right to inspect items returned through our Store Warranty Program and refuse warranty claims. We will not cover damage to glass parts, packaging, or user’s guide. Nor do we warranty normal “wear and tear,” accidental damages caused by the user, or water damages.

Furthermore, we will not cover batteries, cartridges, tanks, coils, nails, cartomizer, and atomizers unless they arrive damaged and unusable upon arrival of your order. You must notify us within 3 days of receipt of the defect to file a warranty claim under our Store Warranty Program.

If you have dismantled or modified a vaporizer, it is not covered under this warranty program. Products which have been used or opened are not covered.

Please keep in mind certain products may not qualify for our Story Warranty Program, and if not, are typically covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.