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Plume clouds from vaporizers are everywhere these days. And it is no wonder. Vaporizers are the popular, trendy and fun way to enjoy your favourite “smokeables” on the go or at home. If you have been curious about vaporizers, Hippie Grow Shop is here to help! Read More

Vaporizers are a great way to enjoy botanicals indirectly by enjoying the vapor created from the botanicals without actually burning it. Vaporizers extract the active ingredients from the botanicals once it reaches around 285 degrees.

There are two general types of vaporizes that are used with botanicals: conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers.

Conduction was the first type of vaporizer developed for use with botanicals. You place the botanicals onto the surface of the conduction heater. The surface heats up electronically when you vape or turn the device on. The conduction heater could either be a hot plate or heating screen, depending on the device.

This type of vaporizer works similar to a convection oven. The heat is indirectly applied to the botanicals. Inside the vaporizer is one area where you place the botanicals. A screen or piece of gauze is used to keep the botanicals from touching the heating element. When the vaporizer is turned on or you vape, the heating element starts to heat up and release warm air.
The warm air then passes over the botanicals to heat it up to the desired vaping temperature. The warm air can either be moved by vaping or by a small internal fan, depending on the type of convection vaporizer being used.

While conduction can heat up the botanicals more quickly, there is an increased risk it will catch on fire since it is in direct contact with the heating element.
Convection vaporizers offer more precise temperature control without the risks of accidentally setting the botanicals on fire. Additionally, they provide a more even release and distribution of the vaporized terpenes and cannabinoids.

The best temperature for vaping botanicals is 340 degrees. You do not want to go much higher because botanicals will start to combust once it reaches around 392 degrees.

Yes you can. Most people like to experiment with different temperature settings to find the one that works best for them. The lower the temperature the milder the effects from the botanicals. As the temperature is increased, you will notice the effects start to become gradually stronger.

The reason people like to control the temperature on their vaporizer is to be able to adjust the level of terpenes and cannabinoids are released when they vape.

The main reason people enjoy using a vaporizer is because the botanicals has an entirely different taste. This helps maintain the terpenes and offers a more flavourful experience.
Now that you know about vaporizers, why not order one to try out vaping botanicals for yourself? You can find vaporizers in our online store or contact the Hippie Grow Shop directly for further assistance today!