7 Great Tips for Growing Top-Shelf Quality Buds

By Hippie Grow Shop

July 25, 2020

Have you tried growing Herbs yourself and haven’t had that top-shelf quality bud development you were hoping for? When you get these types of buds, they are the ones that you like to brag about because the Herbs is really great.

In all honestly, most recreational-use growers will make tons of growing mistakes and still end up with buds that are alright, but not top-shelf quality. If you want the same quality you get from your local dispensary, then you will have to put a little work into growing the best Herbs ever.

Step 1: Start with the best plants or seeds.

The quality of your buds is directly related to the quality of the plants or seeds you start with. If you start with so-so quality, then the buds will also be so-so. On the other hand, if you start with top-shelf plants or seeds, then your buds will also be top-shelf.

Step 2: Learn about what type of light your plants need and give them plenty of it.

Light is essentially food for your plants once they hit the flowering stage. Proving the right type of light in the right spectrum not only increased yields but also the potency and quality of the buds. You also want to make sure to use powerful grow lights, not regular old LED light bulbs.

Step 3: Don’t forget to give your plants supplements and nutrients.

To get your plants to flower, you need to make sure they are getting the right base nutrients. Once they hit the flowering stage you need to continue to deliver the right mix of base nutrients. This is also the stage where you can give your plants supplements that enhance the smell, taste, and boosts bud development.

Step 4: Learn new techniques to boost terpene levels.

Terpene is a chemical in Herbs and other plants that determines taste and smell. By boosting the terpene levels, and using the right supplements and nutrients, you can make sure your Herbs doesn’t smell like a skunk.

Step 5: Maintain the right humidity and temperature levels.

You need to adjust humidity and temperature levels throughout plant growth. You should never let temperatures get too cool – around 15 degrees Celsius – otherwise bud rot can be a problem. By learning the optimal humidity and temperature levels, your plants will develop top-shelf quality buds.

Step 6: Keep the air flowing.

If you make sure air is flowing around every cola and it is getting the right amount of light and humidity from the start to the end of the flowing stage, you can end up with some great buds.

Step 7: Learn the basics of bud harvesting, drying, and curing.

The things you do when harvesting your buds will have just as much as an effect on the end result as growing. Learn the right ways to remove buds from the plants, dry them, and cure them. If you do, you will have top-shelf quality Herbs every time.

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