The Botanicals Plant 101: Everything You Need to Know

By Dom Hennequin

December 11, 2018

Botanicals plants are just like most other plants and have male and female species. Most people are more familiar with the female botanicals plant since it is this plant’s buds that are harvested and used.

While both male and female plants both produce flowers, it is only the female plant that fully matures. The only exception are hermaphroditic botanicals plants, which contain both male and female aspects. These plants will also fully mature and can be harvested.

Botanicals Plant Terms

To help become more familiar with the botanicals plant, let’s look at some of the more common terms and what they mean.

  • Cola: The cola refers to a cluster of buds found on female plants. During development, the buds grow so closely together they often appear as a single large bud. It is here you will find the highest concentrations of cannabinoids which includes cannabidiol (CBD).
  • Fan Leaf: This is the leaf that most people recognize as the symbol used to refer to botanicals. While the leaves do look amazing, they only contain trace amounts of CBD.
  • Bracts: This is the part of the female plant that contains the ovary and where seeds are formed. The leaves around this area are small and look like tear drops. Some people refer to the bract as the seed pod or sugar leaves.
  • Calyx: This part of the plant consists of a collection of cells that together form the perianth. The perianth is a translucent, delicate veil that encloses the seeds partially.
  • Pistil: The pistil is the female reproductive part of the plant. It is the most important feature to ensure plants are pollenated and mature. Within the pistil are the stigmas, coloured hairs that can be seen coming out of the bracts. It is the stigmas that collect pollen from male botanicals plants and once fertilized, produce seeds.
  • Trichomes: The trichomes are mushroom-shaped glands you will find on a botanicals plant’s calyzes, leaves, and stems. The trichomes are the part of the plant that secrete terpenes, THC, resin, and CBD.

Types of Botanicals Plants

Originally there were three common types of botanicals plants:

  • Botanicals Sativa
  • Botanicals Indica
  • Botanicals Ruderalis

It was believed that each of these plants has their own unique effects. However, as growers started cultivating hybrid botanicals plants and developing new strains, the original pure species of plants no longer are as relevant when cultivating new strains.

Today, there are well over a hundred different strains of botanicals plants on the market today, with new strains being developed all the time. Each of these strains is created to produce specific effects and have their own unique characteristics.

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