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Hippie Grow Shop ( strongly advise you to read and review our Terms of Use and other Policies prior to using our website or making any purchases. We cannot prescribe, diagnose, or provide referrals for medical professionals nor do we employ doctors or healthcare providers. We are not able to provide or offer any specific recommendations for any medical ailment or condition.

Our vaporizers, products, and accessories are sold at your own risk. They are not intended to help prevent, treat, or heal any illness, medical condition or diseases nor do we make claims they will. The use of vaporizers and inhaling vapor could be harmful to your health.

The information contained on our website is not guaranteed to be supported by any scientific or medical research. All products on this website are sold as consumer products for personal use, not as medical devices.

Vaporizers are only sold to and should only be used by adults. We will not sell vaporizes and other products to anyone under the age of nineteen. All products on our website are not intended for use by those under the age of nineteen.

Vaping is meant to be an alternative to other methods of aromatherapy diffusion and inhalation of scents. Vaping does not remove any risks of inhalation or potential hazards thereof. Vaporizers should only be used for personal use or under the supervision of a healthcare provider or doctor.

Please note no Canadian government institution, body, agency in any jurisdiction has not reviewed any articles, product descriptions, reviews or other information contained on our website.

Vaporizer Disclaimer

Vaping is a very effective method of scent extraction. As such, it should only be used under the guidance of a qualified professional, naturopathic doctor, aromatherapy specialists, or other healthcare providers. We advise you to study all available literature and information, including the instruction manual included with your vaporizer.

Only load liquids and other consumables that are specifically designed for use with your vaporizer model. The use of unintended products will void any warranties. Should you experience any unusual side effects or symptoms from vaping, discontinue immediately until seeking advice from a qualified healthcare provider.

User Reviews

The reviews featured on our website are the views of individual consumers. They should not be construed as the view of Hippie Grow Show, our employees, directors, shareholders, or other interested parties. Reviews are the property and work of the respective consumer.

By submitting a product review you agree we can publish your review, along with your first name on or any other website we operate. The publishing of your review is done at our sole discretion. Furthermore, you agree way may edit your review for publication. Any edits will not alter or create a misleading impression of your product review.

MAP Policy

For many of our products, we sell these items for sale on our website to what we refer to as the “minimum advertised price,” (MAP). The MAP on our website reflects the lowest allowed price we can advertise publically. Consumers should be cautioned from purchasing products from any retailer selling below MAP as they are unauthorized by the product manufacturers.

Manufacturers enforce MAP to ensure the integrity of their brand. They do not have to honor any warranties for products sold below MAP without their prior authorization. To ensure full warranty protection, it is highly recommended to only purchase from authorized retailers who comply with MAP and follow all manufacturers’ policies regarding warranties.

Price Matching Policy

Hippie Grow Shop offers very competitive pricing on all of our products. We work hard to ensure you get the most value for your money. If you find a lower priced product identical to one we are selling contact our Sale Department to speak with a Sales Representative for our price match guarantee. The product being sold must comply with MAP Policy guidelines.

All prices are verified from the online retailer where you found them. After review and approval, we will make an identical price match offer. Secondary markets, such as Amazon and eBay are not considered authorized retailers. Therefore our Price Matching Policy does not apply to these sources. In addition, we caution when buying on the secondary market as manufacturers will sell off older models and refurbished models on the secondary market. As such, these products often do not include warranties.

General Disclaimer

The purchase of any product, accessory, or vaporizer from Hippie Grow Shop ( indicates your agreement to comply with our Terms of Service and other Policies. Vaporizers are sold with the intended use as hot air generators for the purpose of naturopathic and aromatherapy applications.

Vaporizers are sold for the intended lawful use for which they were designed. We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone with the intent of using them for illegal purposes. Any improper or unlawful use could void any warranties.

We are not responsible for any unlawful or improper use of our products, accessories, or vaporizers. Additionally, neither the retailer, manufacturer, nor any employee, shareholder, director, or other interested party is responsible for the misuse of any products we sell on our website. The buyer and user of our products are solely responsible for their own use of our products.

All information contained on our website is provided for informational purposes only. It is not to be considered medical advice or health recommendations for treating, curing, or healing any illness, medical disease, or medical condition.