Pros and Cons of NugSmasher Rosin Presses

By Hippie Grow Shop

April 14, 2021

NugSmasher rosin presses are well-built, have a lifetime guarantee, and often sell for less than other rosin presses on the market. They are one of the top-selling brands on the market today. NugSmasher offers several different rosin press models with the following pros and cons.

Pros of NugSmasher Rosin Presses

#1: Best Value for the Cost –

When comparing rosin press prices, NugSmasher presses fall in between the cheaply build brands and the highly expensive brands used for industrial purposes. Since their quality is similar to industrial rosin presses, they provide the best value for the cost.

#2: High-Quality Construction –

NugSmasher rosin presses are built with solid steel construction. They are designed to last a lifetime, thanks to the interlocking steel and aircraft-grade aluminum pressing plates. Not only are they very durable, but they also incorporate safety features. Every NugSmasher press includes a primary circuit and three sub-circuits with easy access if they need to be reset.

#3: Lifetime Warranty –

NugSmasher provides a lifetime warranty to ensure you will be happy with your rosin press forever. Their customer service is exceptional whenever you have problems, need to file a warranty claim or have questions.

#4: Easy to Use –

Each NugSmasher rosin press is designed using the concept of “plug and play.” No matter the model, you just plug it in, turn it on, and you can start using your press. Best of all, you do not require an air compressor. However, the NugSmasher Pro can be used with an air compressor if you want to increase output.

#5: Consistent, Ultra-Precise Temperatures –

NugSmasher presses have special heat cartridges located inside the plates for quick heating times and even distribution. The top plates are thermally isolated to help minimize heat loss. It is easy to achieve the desired temperature by setting it on the press. The plates heat to the desired temperature and remain at that temperature while the press is in operation.

Cons of NugSmasher Rosin Presses

#1: Not for Large-Scale Commercial Operations –

NugSmasher presses are designed primarily for home users and smaller commercial operations. However, the NugSmasher Pro can be connected to a compressor, so it can be used to increase output.

#2: Not for Industrial-Scale Output –

NugSmasher presses are not designed to be used for industrial output. The only efficient way to accomplish industrial-scale output would be to invest in multiple NugSmasher Pro models to achieve the desired output capacity.

As you can see, NugSmasher rosin presses offer several advantages for home users and small-scale commercial operations. Each model offers its own features and options based on your output needs.

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