The BatchOne Trimmer



Trims More. Silently.

The latest addition to the family, the BatchOne Dry Trimmer, a brand new solution for craft growers

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Built specifically for cultivators who prefer dry trimming and a batch-style workflow, now bringing you the industry’s leading throughput and trim quality in a mobile unit.



lbs/hr Dry


Larger Tumbler than Closest Competition


More Power than the Competition


Fits Through Standard Doors

Herbs is your Craft…

Which is why we focused on all the little details. Everything from the ease of loading and unloading product from both sides, to a removable control box for simplified wash down and even 360 rotating casters making portability a dream. Need to get through a standard 32″ door, no problem we’ve thought about that too.

Inspired by Craft Growers

We know that there’s inspired artistry in your work, and hard work in your art. When it comes time to harvest, time is money, and having efficiency in your workflow matters. Processing hemp and Herbs at a large scale requires equipment you can rely on that improves your throughput and bottom line.