Sasquash V2 15 Ton Rosin Press



The Sasquash V2 15 ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press is the next generation hydraulic rosin press from Support the Roots. Drawing on the design of their extremely popular Sasquash M1, the Sasquash V2 has been upgraded to a full 15 tons of pressure and features large 8.5” x 5” aluminum plates making it capable of pressing up to 1 ounce of material at a time.

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  • Sasquash V2 15 Ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press

    • 15 Tons of Hydraulic Pressure
    • Can be used with a manual hand pump, pneumatic air compressor, or fully automatic electric pump
    • Process up to 1 ounce per press
    • Yields of over 30% when pressing flower
    • Free Manufacturer Backed Warranty

    This pressure, coupled with its large 8.5″ x 5″ squash plates and 4x 250-watt heaters (for a staggering 1,000 total watts), makes for yields of up to 30% when pressing flower and even higher when pressing kief, dry sift and the like.

    If you’re looking for one of the best, most versatile commercial presses on the market, the Sasqush V2 is the press for you.


    Wondering what air compressor to use with the pneumatic foot pump? Simple! Any air compressor that meets, at a minimum, the following specifications:

    • 4.5 Gal tank 5.1scfm @ 90psi.

    Sasquash V2.0 Features

    • 15ton. (10,000psi)
    • 30,000lbs of downward force.
    • Yields up to 30% when pressing flower (more when pressing kief, dry sift, etc.)
    • 110V A/C at  10amp.
    • 4 x 250 watts heaters (1000 total watts)
    • 100% UL Certified Parts
    • FDA Approved Coatings
    • Manufacturer Backed Warranty


  • 15ton. (10,000psi)
  • 30,000lbs of downward force.
  • 110V A/C at 10amp.
  • 4 x 250watts Heaters. (1000watts)
  • 8.5″ x 5″ 6061 Aluminum blocks.
  • Dimensions: 8″w x 18″l x 14″h.
  • Weights 100lbs.
  • UL Certified Parts
  • FDA Approved Coatings
  • Squish up to 1 ounce at a time
  • Limited Warranty.
  • Free Shipping To The Lower 48 States.
  • 1 week lead time
  • Pump not included