Pulsar Elite Series – Mini eNail Kit



  • 150w portable enail (0-1200 degrees F)
  • 20mm heating coil (V372)
  • Universal 6-in-1 10/14/19mm Ti nail (included)
  • Digital display and push-button operation
  • Removable, locking 5ft power cord

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The Mini Universal eNail Kit – Pulsar Elite Series provides simple operation, exact heat, and comes with a compatible 6-in-1 10/14/19mm Ti nail. This portable powerhouse kit features a digital control box with removable, locking 5ft power cord; a temperature range from 0-1200° F; a 20mm compatible heating coil (V372) with 4ft cord; and a grade 2 Titanium carb cap with dabber handle.