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Kryptonite is an all-natural, synthetic-free living soil. It’s a fully amended living soil designed for the cannabis industry to use water only for the duration of your plant. It has been tried, tested and trusted to take the guesswork and labour intensive soil management entirely out of the picture. Our soil is a balance between water retention and drainage and uses our own certified organic worm castings produced right here on site, ensuring maximum quality. It’s jam-packed with natural amendments found in nature, will not burn by excessive amounts of nutrients and we source as much locally as we can. Kryptonite is always mixed in small batches to ensure maximum quality at all times.

Kryptonite living soil is a growing medium that relies on the common relationship between microorganisms in the soil and the root systems of plants. This is the way nature designed plants to grow. The microorganisms break down the nutrients in the living soil and make them readily available to the roots. Research has shown that the rots will “communicate” with the microorganisms to let them know what they need.

Plants grown in living soil are very healthy because they have all of the nutrients they need to self-sustain and thrive. Pests and plant diseases are opportunistic; healthy plants don’t give pests and diseases the opportunity to attack, making pesticides unnecessary for living soil herb. When the soil itself works to both feed and protect the plant, there is little need for additional pesticides, fungicides, or harsh fertilizers. It’s important to pay attention to your plants and let the soil do the work for you.

Helpful Hints

  • Add 2-inch of perlite in the bottom of your container to help aerate and help develop the root system

  • It is recommended to water your plants in a water tray to avoid losing valuable nutrients being washed away when watering

  • When introducing transplants to Kryptonite, water from the top for the first few days to establish the root system

  • Can be used inside or outside, as well as greenhouses or gardens

  • Mix well with existing soil or can be used to top-dress

  • No flushing needed as it’s an all-natural product

  • Year-round planting 

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 cm