Grow Buckets DWC 4 Bucket System (5 Gallon)

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Have you ever wanted to grow healthy ,flourishing plants at home? If so, Grow Buckets Deep Water Culture (DWC) System is the right choice for you!

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Grow Buckets DWC System includes:

4 x 5 Gallon FDA Approved Buckets

4 x 1/2″ Drain Fillings

4 x 6″ Net Pot Buckets Lids

4 x Medium Air-Stones

4 x 10 ‘ Air Tubing

4 x Large Blue Water Level Indicator Hoses

4 x Small Blue water level indicator Hoses

4 x Dual barb elbows

4 x 2L Bags Of Clay Pebbles

1 x 4 Outlet Pump

1 x Instructions Manual