How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds for Newbies

By Hippie Grow Shop

January 12, 2022

Most cannabis plants are easy to grow once you know the tricks of the trade. However, many newbies don’t know how to get their seeds to sprout and never have the chance to cultivate a healthy plant.

But germinating seeds is just as simple as growing the plants. All you need is the right equipment and knowledge.

We will examine how to germinate cannabis seeds in two straightforward ways and explain all the tools you’ll need to produce healthy young plants here in this guide.


What You’ll Need to Germinate Seeds

Before you learn how to germinate weed seeds, you need to ensure you have the following basic cannabis cultivation tools:

  • Seeds: There are three types of marijuana seeds–standard seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. A standard cannabis seed will produce male and female cannabis plants, while auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds grow only female plants. So you will need to know what cannabis plant you want before germinating seeds.
  • Water: You’ll need clean, room-temperature water for the seed germination methods below. Depending on which process you choose, you will also need a cup or spray bottle.
  • Plastic container and paper towels: Paper towels and a sealed container are essential for one of our cannabis seed germination methods and an optional addition for the other.


Method One: House the Cannabis Seed on a Damp Paper Towel

The paper towel method is the most common and user-friendly method for germinating cannabis seeds. With this process, you can grow your seeds indoors with minimal technique and equipment.

First, spray your paper towels with your room temperature water, place them inside your plastic container, and put a few seeds on the damp towels. Next, cover your cannabis with the container lid and let the seeds germinate for 12 hours.

If the germinating marijuana seeds haven’t opened, spray them with water again and repeat the process every 12 hours until they are ready, something that could take up to a week.

If the plant seeds have opened, place them in a growing medium filled with potting soil. There, the germinated seeds will produce marijuana plants within a few weeks.


Method Two: Soak the Seeds in Warm Water

The downside to the paper towel method is that it can multiple days to produce germinated cannabis seeds. If you’re looking for a quicker cannabis germination technique, try placing the seeds in a cup filled with warm water.

This method can germinate marijuana seeds within a day, but it’s a more finicky process than it sounds. To produce a germinated seed, you have to perfectly heat the water to near room temperature, no warmer or colder, and remove the seeds from the water as soon as they open.

Be sure not to leave your seeds in the water for longer than 24 hours, even if they haven’t opened. You will damage the seeds with that much soaking, and they will never reach their vegetative stage.

If your seeds need more germination, move them from their cup after a day and into a plastic container to finish.


Learn More About How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds With Hippie Grow Shop

Now that you know how to sprout marijuana seeds indoors, you can begin growing the healthy plants you’ve always wanted.

But if you’re still looking for germination tips or advice and tools for growing plants after germination, look no further than Hippie Grow Shop.

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