Approved Health Canada Practitioners

Our Health Canada approved practitioners understand the complexities of obtaining an ACMPR license in Canada. They understand some patients need more than the four plants allowed by the new recreational Cannabis laws and help you be licensed to grow as many plants as you need.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are available 9-5 Monday – Friday to answer your questions with the quality service you deserve. Our program was created by growers for people with a need to grow medical Cannabis at home. This allows us to address your needs while helping get you approved.

Our representatives will schedule a Facetime or Whatsapp consultation with a qualified healthcare practitioner able to write medical Cannabis prescriptions. Your written prescription is what is required to obtain your grow license. After the consultation, you will need to mail your prescription and the ACMPR forms to Health Canada.

After Health Canada receives your application, they will issue your license to grow medicinal Cannabis at home. While the process might seem a bit complex, you have nothing to worry about. We will be there with you each step of the way.


Our Simple 4 Step Process to Obtain Your ACMPR License in Canada

1. Complete The Patient Assessment Form To Get Started

Fill out the online patient assessment form. Here We will respond to you quickly, along with complete details about our process and the cost of your ACMPR license.

2. Complete The Consultation

After we receive your patient assessment form, we book the consultation via facetime or whatsapp. The practitioner reviews the information you shared with us, including how many grams you need, and prescribes you the appropriate prescription.

3. Submit Your ACMPR Application

Once your prescription is issued, which occurs almost instantly after your consultation, we will send you the prescription by express mail. After you receive your prescription, you fill out the ACMPR application. You then mail your completed application to Health Canada.

4. Obtain Your ACMPR License

After Health Canada receives your application and prescription, they will issue your ACMPR license and mail it to you. As soon as your license arrives, you can start growing your medical Cannabis at home.

What Our Clients Say

Jay and his team are knowledgeable about the process and timelines and helped me get my ACMPR licence quickly with no hassles.

Really top notch professionals here that know what they’re doing. They also helped me setup the right grow system for for my space.

I just got my licence to grow 100 plants with Hippie Grow Shop! Thanks for all your help guys.


ACMPR License Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Cannabis Act was the new name given to the ACMPR in October 2018. The only thing that changed was the name, not the processes to securing a license.

A MMAR license was the original medicinal Herbs license one could obtain. If you have a MMAR license you do need to upgrade it to an ACMPR license.

As long as you have a prescription issued by a qualified healthcare practitioner and include all of the required documentation you mail to Health Canada, you will receive your license. Although, if you forget to include anything, your application can be delayed until you supply the necessary documents.

When you apply, you will have the option to grow indoor or outdoor.

Yes, An ACMPR license is issued for one year.

We have helped 1000s of people obtain their ACMPR license throughout Canada. We also have a brick and mortar location, 1333 Boundary Road Unit 33, Oshawa, ON 905-435-5845

Several different laboratories throughout Canada can test your Herbs. We are happy to provide you a referral to a laboratory in your area.

We will continue to support you even after you receive your initial ACMPR license including when it is time for renewal.

If you have further questions or cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us directly.


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