Gorilla Grow Tents 101

By Hippie Grow Shop

May 9, 2021

When you are looking to purchase a grow tent, you have several options. However, you want to make sure you get the best grow tent for the best results. Gorilla Grow tents are considered the best ones on the market today.

What makes Gorilla Grow tents the best?

For starters, it is the type of tent materials used. High-quality grow tent materials greatly influence your overall grow results. Grow tents that use Mylar will create hot spots that can damage your plants.

With Gorilla Grow Tents, they use the densest materials lined with their unique diamond reflective technology. The reflective material helps better distribute the lumens given off from your grow lights, so all your plants receive sufficient lighting.

Best of all, the materials are fully lightproof to block out exterior lights. Not to mention, the materials help prevent odours from your plants from permeating through the material and getting outside the grow tent. All Gorilla Grow tents have reinforced seams and are washable too.

Next, Gorilla Grow tents are easy to assemble. They use an all-steel frame with fasteners designed to prevent the tent from material from bulging or moving. It is easy to find the right size grow tent you need for your setup, as all models have adjustable heights.

Other great features you gain with Gorilla Grow tents include:

• Convenient Tool Pouch

• Easy View Windows

• Heavy Duty Spill Tray

• Rear Access Doors

• Multiple Cord Port Holes for Electrical Cords

• Double-Cinching Exhaust Ports

• All-Metal Pole Construction to Support Lighting and Grow Equipment

• Lifetime Support

• Fire-Resistant

• Tear-Resistant

• One-Foot Height Extension

Why do tent materials matter?

Other grow tents on the market use plastic poles and connectors. They are not strong enough to support lights,and other grow equipment, which leads to breaking and cracking. Furthermore, the materials are not durable or thick, causing them to rip and tear easier.

Most importantly, when you have to interrupt the grow cycle to make repairs to your grow tent, it affects the growth yield. If your plants are still in the early development stage, this type of interruption could cause your plants to die.

What is included with a Gorilla Grow tent?

All Gorilla Grow tents include all-steel poles, connectors, extrathick fabric covers, a one-foot extension pole, instruction manual, and lifetime grow, technical, and customer support.

Can I get a Gorilla Grow tent kit?

You can build a grow tent kit that includes your choice of Gorilla Grow tent, grow lights, fans, and other such equipment to have a complete grow solution to start growing as quickly as possible.

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