Extraction and Processing Equipment 101

By Hippie Grow Shop

July 14, 2019

When you want to extract the valuable CBD or THC from your Herbs, for tinctures, butters, and edibles, you need to have the right equipment. Many factors need to be considered when choosing the extraction equipment that is best for you: the size of your operation, what kind of solvents (if any) you want to use, and what will give you the best value for your investment. Whether you are new to extraction or a long-time producer, knowing what equipment is best for you can be a challenge.

Choosing the right extraction equipment begins with knowing what you want to extract and how you want to extract it. By extracting the components of Herbs, you can increase the uses and medicinal benefits of the entire plant and offer patients an array of consumption options.

Decarboxylators: when you want to infuse foods, butters, tinctures, oils, or other edibles with a high-quality fully activated kief, you need to properly decarb your material. Decarboxylators produce a higher quality kief that has been maximized for potency and easy dosing. Decarboxylators come in a variety of sizes that make this extraction process ideal for at-home producers.

CO2 Extractors: CO2 extraction has been around for decades for perfumes, coffees, and other botanicals, but is gaining in popularity in the Herbs extraction processing arena. This is due, in large part, to the relative safety of CO2 extracted products compared to other types of solvent extracts that use butane or propane. CO2 extractors also offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of customization of material produced. CO2 extraction is a fairly complex process and is ideally suited for commercial producers.

 Solvent-based extractors: There are several types of solvents used to extract the varying components of Herbs. Among these are alcohol, butane, and propane. The Herbs is soaked or saturated in a solvent which is then purged using heat, vacuum, or a combination of the two. The resultant material is a highly concentrated Herbs material, such as wax, shatter, or sugar. Solvent extractors are ideally suited for small scale to larger commercial operations, though some extractors can be used by ambitions home-based manufacturers.

Not all extraction processes are for every type of operation. Personal-use producers may want to stick with smaller scale set-ups like decarboxylators while commercial manufacturers will find that solvent-based extractors are a better choice.

When you are ready to get into extracting for the first time or upgrade your existing equipment, Hippie Grow Shop has the best selection of industry-tested and approved supplies. If you need help choosing extraction or processing equipment, we are here to help. Give us a call at 905-435-5845 today!

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