Vaping 101: Everything Your Need to Know About Vaporizers

By Hippie Grow Shop

February 10, 2019

It’s no secret that vaping is on trend these days. Just about everywhere you look, plumes of vaporized smoke waft through the air. Vaping is one of the easiest and more discreet ways to consume Herbs flower or concentrates at home or on the go.

With the advancement of vaporizer technology and the sheer amount of vaporizers to pick from, choosing the right vaporizer can be confusing, even for people who have vaped before. If you’re not sure what kind of vaporizer is right for you, Hippie Grow Shop is here to help!

Vaporizer Basics

Herbs vaporizers all work in essentially the same way. A battery or other power source supplies energy to a heating element in order to heat up the material to be “vaped” in a controlled way. The heat is high enough to turn the material into a vapor, but without burning it and turning into smoke.

Herbs Vaporizers

Herbs vaporizers have a wide diversity of options available and generally can be categorized into a few subgroups.

  • Portable: smaller and designed to fit into a purse or pocket.
  • Desktop: larger and designed primarily for at-home use.
  • Conduction: the material is heated up through direct contact with a source of heat.
  • Convection: relies on hot air or steam to heat up the material.

However, not all Herbs vaporizers are interchangeable. Most break down into two main
categories: dry herb vaporizers and extract vaporizers.

  • Dry herb vaporizers work by heating up dry Herbs and extracting the THC in a vaporized form. The heat-up time on a dry herb vaporizer is relatively short and the “session” can last several minutes. Once the dry herb has been consumed, it cannot be reused.
  • Extract vaporizers are used with waxes, extracts, and other types of non-herb materials. They work by heating up an element and then placing the wax or extract directly on the element. Dab rails or e-Nails are among the most common types of extract vaporizers.

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