Concentrates and Extracts: Everything You Need to Know

By Hippie Grow Shop

March 19, 2019

What Are Concentrates

Botanicals concentrates have all of the desirable compounds — cannabinoids and terpenes — of the plant with none of the excess impurities and plant material that come with straight flower. Concentrates are made one of two ways: either physically separating the trichome from the plant by shaking or pressing; or by using a solvent to extract the trichome.

Some common types of concentrates on the market today:

  • Kief: a fine powder of trichomes from the botanicals plant. It is typically made by grinding up the plant to extract the trichomes. It is not considered the purest concentrate since it still contains plant matter.
  • Shatter: the glass-like appearance of shatter is what gives it its name. It has a stretchy taffy-like consistency.
  • Wax: is a softer more opaque oil that has lost its transparency after extraction. The trichome molecules are agitated resulting in crystallization.
  • Budder: is a runnier gooier version of budder. It has more moisture content than wax but has a different appearance because of the method of processing.
  • Rosin: is a sticky resin created by using applied heated pressure to extract the resin from the plant. The pressurized heat squeezes the oil out of the plant allowing for a more pure concentrate, without any plant material. Rosin can be created by hobbyists at home since very little technical expertise is required to make it.

What is an Extract

While all extracts are concentrates, not all concentrates are extracts. The primary difference is in how the trichomes of the botanicals plant are collected. Extracts are generally made by using a solvent to extract the trichomes from the plant. Extracts are typically made by producers who want to extract certain components of the botanicals plant for different purposes. CBD, CBN, or THC-A, are extracted for different medical applications without the psychoactive effects, while high-THC extracts can be produced for both their recreational uses and medicinal benefits

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