Cannabis Stains Unique Aromas Are from Terpenes

By Dom Hennequin

November 29, 2018

Did you know that each strain of cannabis has its own unique aroma and scent? This is caused by the terpenes found within the particular strain of cannabis. Skilled cannabis growers experiment with terpenes to create their own scent profiles. The reason they do this is because everyone has scents and smells they enjoy over the traditional “musky” smell of cannabis.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are oils that are fragrant and found in a wide range of plants. From citrus to pine and other such species. The scents terpenes secrete are what gives flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables their unique scents. This is why an orange smells like an orange and roses smell like roses.
Presently, over a hundred different types of terpenes have been identified. It is not unreasonable to anticipate there are many more terpenes still waiting to be discovered. Most of the terpenes that have been identified have come from cannabis plants. In fact, certain strains of cannabis can been found to contain around a hundred terpenes alone!

What Are Terpenes Important?

Imagine if you liked citrus and found a strain of cannabis that smelled like citrus! It is possible thanks to using different terpenes when creating the strain of cannabis. On the other hand, what if you liked a peppery or spicy smell? You can find cannabis strains that smell peppery and ones that smell spicy. There are even strains that smell woodsy, earthly and like flowers.
As you might guess, this means that is possible to find a strain of cannabis with your favourite scent and smell. It is important to keep in mind that the levels of terpenes in cannabis plants can and do vary. It is possible to find one strain that has several different scent profiles.
This is because the levels of particular terpenes in certain plants are stronger than those in other plants. Furthermore, each individual terpene can have multiple scent profiles. For growers, this can make developing new strains of cannabis very difficult and challenging.

Why Do Growers Try to Create New Strains of Cannabis?

It can be fun experimenting with different strains of cannabis and crossbreeding them to see what new scent profiles you can create. This is why so many people enjoy growing their own cannabis plants at home. Who knows? You could discover a new scent profile of cannabis that could become the next “trendy” scent everyone will want!
If you do decide to try your hand at creating new strains with new scent profiles, just make sure to document and record everything you do from the very start. By keeping notes, you can determine what did and did not go as expected.
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