Cannabis Plant Training for Rookie Growers

By Hippie Grow Shop

March 19, 2022

The easiest and most effective way for an indoor cannabis grower to boost their yield and plant count is by putting their marijuana plants through cannabis plant training.

There are several different training methods for plants, many of which produce bushy plants with more bud sites and even more benefits you wouldn’t receive without training marijuana.

This guide will show you how to train cannabis plants in a few simple and advanced ways. And if you start training plants today, you’ll receive the benefits within weeks.



Topping a weed plant means cutting off the top of its main stem while in the seed stage. By doing this, you’ll split the stem and produce two locations for buds to grow rather than one. You can repeat the process for more buds, but you’ll cut the entire stem and damage the shoots if you trim too low.



Defoliation is one of the more destructive cannabis cultivation techniques, as you’ll have to trim plant leaves to receive this method’s benefits. However, defoliation is highly rewarding and can lead to thicker buds.

You can defoliate during the vegetative stage and still receive robust buds, but you’ll want to wait until the first month of the flowering period for consistently strong results. If you trim leaves during the flowering stage, all the tiny buds will receive increased exposure to grow lights and air, emerging quicker and larger.


High-Stress Training (HST)

This training method is one of the best ways to produce a strong, thick, and ideally-shaped plant. However, it will also put the entire plant through extreme stress, and you might damage it without proper technique.

For this training method, you’ll be pinching your plant branches while being careful not to snap them. The pressure will break the stem walls and force the plant to use its growth hormones to rebuild them.

Marijuana plants rebuild thicker than before the damage, allowing more nutrients to flow through the plant and causing it to grow stronger and produce more bud weight. Additionally, your bends will reshape the branches and make your tall plant grow horizontally, aligning it better for a grow light than when it grew vertically like a Christmas tree.


Low-Stress Training (LST)

Low-stress plant training techniques are popular with indoor growers because they don’t damage or stress weed plants like in other methods.

Rather than trimming or bending the main stem, low-stress trainers fix stems in place to maximize the plant’s exposure to the grow light.

Low-stress training forces the main central stem to grow horizontally rather than the traditional vertical growth. However, this won’t harm the plant, and all the lower branches will benefit from better exposure to the grow lights.


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