A Beginner’s Guide to Grow Kits

By Hippie Grow Shop

February 11, 2021

If you are thinking about growing your recreational cannabis at home, there is more to achieving successful results than simply planting some seeds and waiting for your cannabis plants to grow. As a beginner, it is a great idea to invest in a grow kit.

A grow kit includes all the essentials you need to get started growing marijuana plants indoors. A grow kit is designed to be its own self-contained space. You just need to figure out where to put it in your home.

Grow kits normally include a grow tent, circulation fans, grow lights, and other items needed before you can grow marijuana. A grow kit also gives you complete control over the growth processes of your plants.

You can experiment with different types of lighting, light levels, soil, nutrients, and more. You can even decide to go totally organic and use all-natural materials to grow your plants.

What Makes Grow Kits Special?

Grow kits are frequently tested to ensure they provide the easiest setup for beginners. Grow kits also consider your budget. As such, you can find different kits at different pricing levels. Whether you just want to try growing out or intend to do it all the time, you can find grow kits & equipment online that are affordable or have the equipment you want.

Grow kits also include quality equipment and materials. Each of these items has been tested for ease of setup and use. Safety concerns are also evaluated to ensure grow kits have minimal risks for the purchaser.

What Is the Minimal Space I Need for a Grow Kit?

Another great thing about grow kits is they come in all different sizes. If you have a small home with limited space, you can find a grow kit that only needs about 4 feet by 2 feet of space to set up the grow tent. Everything else that comes in the kit is designed to be set up inside the tent.

What Location Is Best to Set Up a Grow Kit?

You can choose anywhere you want in your home that has the necessary space for the grow kit you buy. The only real requirement is you will need access to electrical outlets to power the grow lights and fans.

Do Grow Kits Require Maintenance?

Not really. You will want to clean up any dirt you spill when starting your plants as well as any water you spill when watering them. Other than remembering to water and feed your plants, if you have your lights set up on timers, there’s not much else to do.

Now that you know more about grow kits, we are sure you are excited to get one for your home to start growing recreational marijuana plants. For help and assistance deciding which grow kits best for you, please feel free to contact The Hippie Grow Shop at 905-435-5845 today! You can also schedule an appointment to visit our showroom in Oshawa.

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