8 Simple Steps To Start Growing Herbs

By Hippie Grow Shop

June 24, 2020

Growing your own Herbs plants for the first time can be challenging if you do not know where to begin. Not to mention, the amount of different resources on the subject may make you feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, these 8 simple steps will help get you started growing.

You can only grow up to four plants for recreational purposes in Ontario, so keep that in mind. You may want to start with two plants and see how well it goes first.

Step #1: Decide where you want to grow your plants

You will need to set aside grow space inside your home. You could use a closet, corner of a room, or other such location. When first starting out, it is better to start small and try your hand at growing a few plants. 

Step #2: Invest in a Grow Kit

You could buy a grow tent, grow lights, fans, and other such equipment separately. Yet, for the beginner, the best investment is to just get a grow kit that contains all the essential equipment you need to get started.

Step #3: Airflow is essential

Your plants will need fresh airflow to thrive and grow healthy. Verify your grow kit includes intake and exhaust fans. If not, make sure to add these to your order. 

Step #4: Invest in timers

You will want to have a few timers set up to control various functions, like when lights transition from “daytime” to “nighttime.” You may also want one for your fans.

Step #5: Select a grow medium

For beginners, rich potting soil is a good choice. Once you become more experienced you can try your hand at hydroponics, rockwool, and others. When selecting the potting soil, look for organic blends for the best results.

Step #6: Pick the right size containers

You won’t need huge containers right away. It is best to start with a small planter with drain holes in the bottom so excess water can drain away. Make sure to fill the bottom of the planter with small pebbles to prevent drain holes from getting blocked before adding the soil.

As your plants grow, you will want to transplant them to bigger containers once you notice roots growing out the bottom. 

Step #7: Fertilize your plants at least once a week

Find a balanced fertilizer that contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, copper, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Once you become more skilled at growing, you can adjust nutrient levels throughout the growth and flowing stages, but don’t worry about that just yet. 

Step #8: Water your plants with filtered water

Tap water can contain additives that are not good for your plants so avoid using it. You want to also avoid overwatering the plants as this can lead to root disease and plants dying.

By following these 8 steps, you will be ready to start growing your own Herbs plants at home. For grow kits, lights, fans, and other essential items, please feel free to shop Hippie Grow Shop or contact us at 905-435-5845 today

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