5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Grow Room in Your Home

By Hippie Grow Shop

January 25, 2021

Choosing to grow cannabis indoors and at home is a great solution when you want to save money on your recreational or medical marijuana. Growing cannabis at home has several benefits, like the freedom to experiment with different growth mediums, cross-breeding plants to create your own strains, and so on.

When creating the design for your grow room, there are two essential things your plants will need to thrive and mature – water and light. It does not matter whether you use soil or decide to try hydroponics, your plants will not thrive if they do not have light and sufficient water.

Step #1: Decide where you want your grow room.

You can use a closet, small bedroom, part of your basement, or another area in your home. No matter what area you choose, you should dedicate it to growing your plants. You may also want to set up two different spaces – one for flowering plants and another for newly started plants.

Step #2: Perform a detailed cleaning of the space.

Even if you plan on using different types of wall coverings, tents, and other such things, you still need to fully clean the space first. Doing so will help eliminate dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and other such things that could affect how successful you are at growing your plants.

Step #3: Decide what type of lighting your plants will receive.

If your grow room has windows where the plants can get direct sunlight that is okay. Some people prefer to grow their plants as naturally as possible. However, many growers supplement natural sunlight with artificial grow lights to further enhance their plants’ development.

If you are growing your plants in a basement or closet, you will need to have sufficient lighting for your plants to develop, grown, and flower. You will need to include the placement of lights in your grow room design. For example, you could hang them from the ceiling.

Step #4: Consider adding a reflective wall and floor coverings.

Reflective wall and floor coverings service two purposes. First, they help increase the amount of light inside the grow room. Secondly, they can help maintain more even growing temperatures in the grow room.

Step #5: Don’t forget about ventilation and air circulation.

Your grow room will require a flow of fresh air for the plants to thrive. This is typically accomplished by installing various types of fans for drawing air in and remove old air from the grow room.

Once you have designed your grow room, you will be ready to start ordering the supplies and materials to build it. You will want to wait to order seeds or plants until after you have your grow room built and verify everything is working correctly.

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